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This site contains information about the different parts of the IELTS test as well as worksheets to help you practise.  I am constantly adding new materials and information.  If you want more practice then you may find my IELTS Weekly  magazine useful.  For regular updates to this site, you can follow me on Twitter: @CullenPauline or Facebook: IELTS Weekly with Pauline Cullen.

About me:  is this a better photoMy name is Pauline Cullen and I am the author of 5 IELTS preparation books, including the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS.  I have been writing IELTS test materials professionally for over 20 years and recently started producing my own language teaching apps.   At high school, I studied every language I could – Latin, French, Spanish and Russian.  I became a language teacher in 1984 and began writing language tests and teaching materials in the early 90s.  At heart, I am both language learner and language teacher.

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