Reading Practice – Supermarket of the Future

Article: Smithsonian Magazine  – Five Ways to See the Supermarket of the Future

Worksheet: By Pauline Cullen

This worksheet is based on two different articles.  Click on the titles in red to find a link to the articles.

       Read the article then reread it and underline the following words:

adapt    eliminate     display     concept      innovate

deliver     receipt     expenditure     purchase     impulse


      Complete the sentences below with one of the words above.  NB you may need to change the words.

 i    I think too many people buy things on  __________  instead of planning ahead.

ii    Although I like the  _________  of shopping online, I prefer to be able to touch the food I buy.

iii    I think shops could improve their sales by making sure their goods are  ________  in an attractive way.

iv    Offering a free delivery service is one ________  way that high street shops can compete with online shops.

v    I do find that I am often disappointed with a lot of the __________ I make online.


3        Try to write similar example sentences with the remaining 5 words.


4       Now practise answering the speaking test part 3 questions below.  Make sure you give a full answer (you can do this by giving examples or explaining why).  Try to record your answers if you can.

Speaking test Part 3 

  • What changes do you think we will see in the supermarket of the future?
  • What changes would you like to see? (Why?)
  • Do you think buying food online is a good idea?  (Why/ why not?)
  • Why do you think that some people don’t like shopping online?

Popular Science – A Plan for the World’s Tallest Wood Skyscraper

5       Read the article and then complete the summary below with no more than two words and/or a number from the article.

There are two clear advantages of building a skyscraper made of wood.  Firstly, there is a reduction in 1___________ released into the atmosphere and, secondly,  it is cheaper to 2__________ the materials.  Of course such a building cannot be made solely of wood so, for this building,  3  _________  and   __________ will also be used.



1       Practise scanning by finding the words in the article as quickly as possible.

2       1  impulse,  2  concept,   3  displayed,  4  innovative,   5  purchases

3        The missing words are:  adapt, eliminate, deliver, receipt, expenditure.  Exchange your sentences with another student or a friend and try to check each other’s grammar or post examples on my Facebook page and I will try to comment.

4          Listen to your recording and write down what you hear including any hesitation (you can do this by using … to show a pause and by writing ‘erm’ ‘um’  if you say this a lot.  Look at the script of what you said – was there a lot of repetition?  Did you pause or hesitate a lot?  Did you show a good use of intonation and word stress?  Ask a friend to listen and write down what they hear.  Did they write the same as you?  This can help you check your pronunciation.  Try to check your grammar  – did you make many mistakes?  Grammatical accuracy is important in both the speaking and the writing test.  If grammar is a problem for you then perhaps you should consider buying a grammar book such as Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate or Cambridge Grammar for IELTS.

5        1  CO2 // carbon dioxide       2  transport   3 & 4  glass / concrete (in any order)

Hello! All feedback and any IELTS questions are welcome.