These 11 videos will help you to understand how the IELTS test works and give you helpful tips about how to prepare for the test or improve your score.

1) How my Vocabulary teaching app workswatch this video to see how to use my vocabulary teaching apps

2) Why is there so much confusion about True/False/Not Given? – This is a video of a conference talk I gave in 1026 explaining how True/False/Not Given questions work.  I also explain why there is so much confusion about these questions. 

3) How to improve your IELTS ScoreThis is a video of a webinar I gave and looks at every part of the test. 

4) How to score well in the IELTS writing TestThis video looks at the writing test

5) How to score IELTS Band 7This video focuses on problems at band 6, particularly in the writing test

6) How to manage your time in the IELTS reading testThis video looks at the reading test and how to use your time well in the test

These short videos help to introduce you to the IELTS test and give useful tips:

  1. About the test
  2. An introduction to IELTS reading test – includes an explanation if which questions are in order
  3. An introduction to IELTS writingincludes an explanation of what each criteria means 
  4. An introduction to IELTS listeningincludes how to answer ‘no more than one word and/ or a number’ 
  5. An introduction to IELTS speakingincludes tips on how to practice for the test