In these pages you will find advice and help for all parts of the writing test. I will gradually add new pages to cover Parts 1 and 2 in both IELTS Academic and IELTS GT. Look through the different titles and click on any of the pages that you think will be useful.


9 thoughts on “THE WRITING TEST

  1. Pauline Post author

    Hello, I’m afraid I can’t correct essays individually like this. My main comment on reading your answer is that your should use authentic IELTS test practice materials to practice for the test. Your use of vocabulary in this question shows you have a medical or science background – I wonder if you would find it as easy to write about a more general topic? Your essay response to this question is nicely balanced, and your ideas are very clearly explained with good control of language, but again, you need to be able to do this with topics that are not so familiar to you, so makes sure you practice with authentic writing tasks.

  2. Bilquis

    Your site actually has a lot more material than it looks like it has! I would put a full list of all the writing resources with links on this page.

    Also, when I click on a page there is no way for me to realize it has loaded, so I keep clicking and clicking. There is no feedback because the image at the top of the page doesn’t change depending on what page you are on, you need to scroll down to realize things have loaded, and I doubt everyone realizes.

    This is an all round wonderful resource 🙂

    1. Pauline Post author

      Thanks for the feedback! I am actually going to update my website soon (I hope!) once my free book is finished. Keep checking for updates 🙂

  3. Mona

    Hi Pauline .iam unable to pay for your app on the Google Play on my phone. I have tried forgot multiple times and google just denies my payment although I have paid for several other things online by same card multiple times. Can u help. ? I can pay to your account directly, if any?

    My exams is booked for 19th that is ten days from now. Can u help in any way.

    Tried calling my bank they say it’s not an issue in their part.

    1. Pauline Post author

      Hi Mona, I’m afraid I have no control over the payments side – that is controlled by Google and by iTunes. So sorry I can’t help. Keep watching my posts and read the chapters of the free book I have loaded here. Make sure you watch my videos too:

  4. sibasis das

    Mam in my last ielts exam I got a question
    The most important things in life are free.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    I gave the opinion that I agree and in two paragraphs wrote about health,success and happiness are free and explained them.Was it a right approach,because it didn’t mention anything which important things of life.
    Can you please help?

  5. sibasis das

    Modern world depends upon oil.Scientific research, however, shows that fossil fuels like oil cause considerable amount of pollution.Alternative energy sources are available.
    To what extent do you agree that humans are too reliant on oil?
    In the above question shall I discuss the causes why humans rely on oil, If I agree with the statement. In two main para I shall discuss the reasons and in one paragraph write about the renewable energy benefits.
    Is it the right approach.
    Kindly suggest.

    1. Pauline Post author

      As in all my posts, I recommend that you only use authentic resources to practise. Read my free book to see why.


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