Writing Task 2 – Sample Essay

Let’s take a look at IELTS writing task 2. The question below comes from the official IELTS website: www.ielts.org

The question says:

Writing Task 2 Sample question

So, the question has 2 clear parts:

  1. A problem (too many cars on the road and the number is growing) and
  2. A possible solution (alternative forms of transport and international laws to control car ownership)

So, your essay should

  • Introduce the topic
  • Discuss the problem
  • Discuss the proposed solutions
  • Reach a personal conclusion saying to what extent you agree or disagree

The image below shows one candidate’s answer. Can you find any language errors in the answer? Have a look at the public version of the writing task descriptors. Do you think this is closer to a Band 5, a Band 6 or a Band 7?

Writing Task 2 Car essay sample answer

Below is my feedback on this answer. It’s important to point out that I am not a current IELTS examiner, these are my own opinions based on my own experience in the past and based on the public band descriptors. I have divided the comments and the errors up into the 4 different criteria. As you can see, most problems are in Lexical resource and Grammatical range and accuracy.

The task is 358 words long – this is 108 more than you are asked to write, so it is overly long. If the candidate had written a plan then they might have controlled this better and they would then have had more time to check for silly mistakes at the end.

Try to correct all of the errors I have listed in Lexical resource and Grammatical range and accuracy.

Car essay feedback comments 1

Car essay feedback

The next post will give answers and ways to improve this answer.